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Pizza! (And other delicious things)

We’ve always been passionate about handmade pizzas, flatbreads and simply fresh food, cooked authentically. Food and family can be at the heart of every occasion - especially pizza - even in these strange lockdown days!

Conventional ovens and Agas don’t reach the right temperature (and they impart no flavour), whilst existing wood-fired or gas ovens are generally too big, expensive and very slow reaching cooking temperature.

You want a design that adapts to our own lifestyle. We also wanted an oven that was simple and pleasurable to use, so we invented a wood-fired oven, adding a few dough recipes and fabulous accessories to make sure your parties go off without a hitch..

Pizza is the ultimate sharing food

This oven design makes sure you never have to leave the party. Because our oven is made using fibreglass and even though it features a traditional clay interior, it’s relatively light weighing only 30kg and can sit on any sturdy table, so it’s always at the centre of the event.

Beautifully designed and lovingly handcrafted in the UK, this wood-fired oven can transform your family or party gathering into an event to remember.

Roasting, grilling, baking or smoking, experience a world of wood-fired flavours with your new oven. What's more you can make a stonebased wood-fired pizza in just 90 seconds!

Your oven will be easy to light and will reach 450-500°C in under 25 minutes. Its insulated heatproof handles allow the oven to be positioned anywhere and on anything. Perfect for small balconies, outdoor kitchens, gardens or parties.

Forget lockdown and immerse yourself in preparing amazing food and all from the comfort of your own home.

Some colour in your life?

Pizza are colourful but so are our ovens, choose from our seven great colours, or choose your own - we have a bespoke service.

What about the dough?

Yes, what of the key ingredient? This original pizza dough recipe has been perfected over 3 generations ensuring you get the perfect balance between a thin crisp base and a softer garnish. Add to this a touch of Turmeric and you’ve got a great tasting pizza with lots of health benefits.

Try our Turmeric Dough which has a soft golden-hue and a light and subtle taste, adding it to our dough gives a subtle mild aromatic flavour. Simply add oil and garlic, or be inspired to put an Asian twist to it. We have gluten-free, vegan and many other options, too

Our dough balls will arrive semi-frozen and should be placed in the freezer immediately.

Your dough will last up to 12 months in the freezer and up to 3 days refrigerated.

And you can unleash the versatility of your oven and your inner Chef with our virtual, live cookery classes. We’ve teamed up with the very talented Jon Finch, Live Fire Chef and author of ‘Fired-Wood Oven Cooking’, ‘Grillstock The BBQ Book’and the forthcoming “The Wood-Fired Feast’’ cook books. Jon will be teaching you to create amazing, flavoursome, feasts and all in your own oven.

Lessons take place online, once a month and Jon will take you around the world with a variety of delicious menus, bringing the tastes and smells of far away destinations to you (some a little closer to home).

Our online cookery lessons are a great way to amp up your cooking knowledge as well as providing hours of entertainment and fun. Each class is approximately 2-3 hours and costs just £25 per household. Make staying in a little more fun....

But what about the dough?

We're priced to sell! And we can make you a couple of great offers, too. We bundle our ovens with all the great accessories and tools that you'll need to produce perfect pizza. We can even supply seasoned wood, kindling and eco fire-lighters. Ask for details here.

And yes, every oven includes a 5 year guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind.

Come and see us at the Sky House Design Centre when you can.

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