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Is outdoors the new indoors?

While in the past we may have found ourselves packing up our outdoor furniture and cushions for the winter about now, this year many are not only keeping the al fresco lifestyle going that they learnt about during lockdown periods, but are also expanding their outdoor living spaces as life has changed in a different direction.

Landscapers have seen a marked increase in demand for everything outdoors, says Tony Young of Urban Outdoors, the importers of Cubic Outdoor Kitchens. “It’s not just been fun in the spring and summer this year, people are really extending the season so that they can still enjoy gathering with friends and family safely in the open air.”

There has been a massive uptick in people adding outdoor kitchens and other outdoor lifestyle items to their homes. “It’s another way to bring the inside outside,” he says. “The kitchen has always been the heart of the home so when you’re doing a lot of your living outside, you may want to bring that same sort of gathering space to the outdoors. A kitchen with a breakfast bar for example is a magnet for people to socialise at a distance”

"We've noted clients whom have managed to keep their families connected by entertaining outdoors as much as possible. “It’s really been a game changer for a lot of people, they’re still able to visit with their families. It’s amazing how much outdoor gatherings can improve your entire well being.”

If there’s nowhere much else to go to during lockdown periods, why not stay home and enjoy living closer to nature? In order to enjoy all of the advantages of outdoor living as much as possible, many are opting to put in an outdoor kitchen, a firepit, maybe a pergola and are buying new garden furniture this year.

We’ve seen more interest in full outdoor kitchens as well as BBQs and other outdoor cooking appliances, such as Green Eggs, induction hobs and other innovations such as the Kitchen in a Table concept from Cubic or this firetable idea from the Natural Grill.

Heating, of course, can also be an essential component of any all-season outdoor set up. One of the items seen flying out of the door lately is fire pits. “We’ve sold a lot of Urban Fires gas fire pits and fire tables,” says Tony. “Firepits are so much fun and provide a certain ambience. They’re pretty to look at as well as warm. For me, the appeal goes back to being around the campfire when we were kids. The focus for people right now is on making their outdoor spaces as comfortable as possible”.

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